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Lucisano Bros. Inc. offers a complete line of building materials specializing in service and quality. We are a family owned and operated and locally owned and operated company dedicated to serving our community. We have over 60 years of experience in commercial construction and we are the areas leading manufacturer of lightweight blocks. For more information about our building materials, contact us today!

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Lucisano Lightweight Blocks

Lucisano Bros. Inc.

Tullytown, PA

Lucisano Lightweight Blocks


Placing masonry units is time-consuming work. There is no way around it. They have to be laid one by one. On any masonry wall construction, labor represents the greatest cost factor, approximately 60% of the total project, with productivity tied directly to the weight of the concrete blocks being used.

Lucisano Lightweight High Performance Concrete Blocks, manufactured by Lucisano Brothers, provide contractors and masons with numerous advantages over standard heavyweight concrete units, while significantly increasing job productivity.

Increased Productivity – Reduced Costs

An unbeatable combination! Since Lucisano Lightweight Blocks weigh about 1/3 less than traditional heavyweight concrete units, masons can cover more wall area faster. In independent testing, our blocks were proven to increase productivity by as much as 20% over standard 8"x8"x16" heavyweight units.

High Quality That Won’t Break The Bank Or Your Back

In an industry facing a shortage of qualified masons due, in part, to crippling back and shoulder injuries, incorporating Lucisano Lightweight Blocks into everyday jobs can effectively lengthen a mason's career. And because lightweight blocks are less taxing on masons and tenders, the result is fewer on-the-job injuries and workers' compensation claims.

They also help to insure safer scaffolding and worker platforms and extend equipment life because less weight means less wear and tear.

Knocking Out The Competition

Lucisano Lightweight Blocks are made of a lightweight aggregate. Pumice meets specifications for most projects.